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364 August 18, 2006

Posted by cozystitches in WIPs.

364…that’s how many stitches I *currently* have on my Marialis.  Sigh.  Why the sigh, you ask?  Well, because after my next row, I’ll be increasing by 18 more stitches.  That’ll be 382…then 3 rows after that…18 more…ad nausium untill the thing is long enough.

Ok, you may stop laughing at me now.  Seriously, stop.  I know I said I was hoping to have this done by (ahem) tomorrow, or even next week.  Heck, now I’m hoping for before the end of September.  Ugh.  Maybe I shouldn’t have been so ambitious for my FIRST real lace project?  Yeah, that probably would have been a good idea.

I’ll update w/a pic later, she’s about 12″ from neckband to bottom…and needing to go like 20 or so…sigh…ok.. at my gague rows (9/1″) that’s 72 rows ..now doing the math..that’s  18 increses…be still my heart thats..642stitches and then the boarder.

Yeah, I had said this next weekend.  I think I need to lie down now….



1. sabrah1033 - August 20, 2006

I will NOT stop laughing at you! You are hilarious! I am just as bad though. If not worse. You at least will finish eventually. Me, I will take YEARS to finish a project.

Stop counting the danged stitches! It only makes you feel bogged down. Then you will never finish cause you will want to give up. Take a deep breath and play with a different color yarn. :^) It will make you feel better.


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