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New Yarn! August 29, 2006

Posted by cozystitches in Cozy Ramblings.

Earlier this summer, Theresa over at Little Turtle Knits had a pre-order Henry’s Attic Sale.  I ordered one hank of Kona Fingering weight custom dyed.  Well, I was just planning on emailing her to get an eta yesterday, when this arrived:

  And This (same yarn, other side)

Now In real life the yarn is darker than here in the picture.  I didn’t use the better camera.  It is beautiful.  It’s soft and beautifully dyed.  I love Theresa’s work!  The colors (that didn’t show up well) are a great wine, Chartruse, burnt orange, peacock, purple.  It’s beautiful.  I love it.  It will make great socks.

Update of projects:

1.  Raglan Sweater for DD1.  I’m done with the body and am on the sleeves.  I would have been further on the sleeves today, however I had problems with positioning.  I do 2 sleeves on 2 circs (like my socks) so I get them to be the same.  I’ll be tapering the sleeves down as I go, as they are really big right now, and I’m not doing ribbing, but a rolled cuff.

2.  Falling Leaves socks – Well, they were frogged down to the toe yesterday.  After looking at the beautiful Trekking yarn and the pattern, they just didn’t mesh.  The yarn begs to be in a simple pattern.  I did a few rounds last night but nothing really to show.

3.  Marialis – Didn’t work on her at all yesterday.  Still looks the same.

4.  New Project:  I’m doing a small blanket for NIN.  I’m copying the Harlot’s pattern of garter on the bias center then going around in a pattern.  I’m using stash yarn and it’s looking good.  I’m using size 6 needles (same as the Raglan).

5.  Dishcloth Afghan – It’ll probably get scrapped.  I’m not liking the way the yarn is feeling…icky Red Heart.  I know the stuff wears like iron, but it feels nasty to me.  I may be becoming a yarn snob.

6.  Plain Washcloth – It’s my travel project, and I didn’t go anywhere yesterday.  It’s incredibly soft as I’m using sock yarn and US 1.5 needles.

I think that’s all my projects right now.

I did hear back from my sisters and now have a better idea of what I’m having to do….ugh…I need to get started!!!



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