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Slacker September 30, 2006

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Wow…such a slacker…

No pictures today, I’m too tired.  But I have an update…

Currently I’m working on a secret design.  I’m really hoping to submit it to Knitty or Magknits.  I’m extited about it…but I have to finish knitting it, it’s slow going because of the other projects I’m doing at the same time and because I’m typing it as I go.  It’s not that comfortable to knit at the desk, so it’s slow.  Once I get the first knitted, I’m doing a “mini” version.

I’m also working on Socks for Soldiers.  I’m doing 2 pairs.  One pair of Leisure socks the other is a pair of BBS, although the yarn is white.  Also on teh BBS (Big Black Socks) I’m only doing the foot, the gigantic cuff (a whole 14″) is going to be done by a machine knitter.

Raglan for dd – I finished it to the sleeves, bound off but didn’t cut, and had dd try it on.  Yeah, I decreased WAY too much, it was WAY WAY WAY too tight at teh bottoms, so frogging of many rows (several inches actually)…I still haven’t picked it up since last Saturday when I realized that I had to redo so much.

Falling Leaves Socks – Officially on holders right now until I finish SFS.  I’m using the same sized needles, although I did buy a longer needle and could do 4 socks on 2 needles, but I want to get the BBS done fast!

Mia’s Sweater – Well, I’ve done a few more rows…it’s oh so boring, but I need to get my butt in gear with it.  I feel a little less guilty, as the person I’m doing the trade w/hasnt’ started my skirts yet, so I’m cool w/that. 🙂

Dishcloth – I finished the one (except for the weaving) using sock yarn.  I brought it to my folks house and my sister seemed really interested in it, I’ll probably give it to her for Christmas.

Pinwheel – What pinwheel?  I know of no pinwheel…lol…it’s burried at the bottom of my WIP box, along with…

Sonnet – I still need to finish this.  It’s just still hot.  I hate hot.


Sis #1 – Hat for her Birthday and Socks for Christmas.  Planning on Coronet from Knitty for the hat, and using Queen K’s formula using DK Kona for the socks.

Sis #2 – Nothing knitted probably…still no clue otherwise

Sis #3 – The lace scarf.  I haven’t even gotten close to starting…should probably do that SOON

Sis #4 – No knitting for her birthday (October) OR for Christmas…charms!  WOOT!

Sis #5 – Little knitting, I finished a bookmark and she’ll probably get the washcloth, otherwise she’s getting charms!

Mom – No knitting.  Fabric bag

Dad – No clue

Grandma – Ornaments that the kids painted w/their pics inside.

DH – No knitting for him!
DD #1 – Raglan Sweater

DD#2 – Crocheted Bassinet/Purse Baby

DS – Probably no knitting either…

Bad Blogger…but September 10, 2006

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Well, I am a bad blogger.  I haven’t blogged in a while (didn’t even check when the last time was)…I don’t have a good excuse, so Iwon’t even try…but I have been knitting!

Status Updates on projects:

Falling Leaves socks – no longer falling leaves.  The pattern is beautiful, however, the trekking yarn was just begging to be used plain.  I frogged it back to the toes, and started knitting again.  I love the yarn, it’s so pretty.

Sonnet – at the bottom of my plastic box somewhere….hasn’t been touched.

Raglan for dd- Oh, didn’t post about that?  Well, I started a top down raglan from the Razor yarn.  I have about 50 rounds to go to finish the sleeves and I’m done.

NIN ‘ghan – another didn’t blog about.  But I finished it!  I even wove in the ends.  I’m making a Baby Surprise Jacket to coordinate and then will donate.

Mia’s Sweater – It’s for a trade.  I’m doing another BSJ but htis time in a marbled rose color w/beautiful glass buttons.  I’m trading for some skirts for ME!  I love trading.

Dishcloth – I’m making a dishcloth out fo some cotton sock yarn.  It is wonderfully soft and thin!

Important update:  I’ve been feeling very convicted lately.  I have been feeling that God has given me a gift with my knitting and I ahven’t been doing anything for others.  This was reinforced at church today.  I joined Socks For Soldiers.  I’m going to make at least one pair (actually it’ll be TWO, one in black or white and one in fun colors) of socks for our military.  Now these socks need to be 14″ long! YIKES!!!  That’s a lot of tiny stitches!!!  I am thankful that I have this ability.  I’m also doing some knitting for NIN (Newborns In Need) and I may do another. 🙂