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Angry October 4, 2006

Posted by cozystitches in Cozy Ramblings.

Ok, so I’m angry.  I went over to our hosting service as they now offer blogs.  So I signed up for it (got a WAY cool domain name) and paid for 6mos of their service (ok it’s only $13.50, but still that’s 2 pairs of KP needles AND yarn!), come to find out, it’s JUST WORD PRESS!!!  ARGH!  Now, I’m not knocking WP, I’m jsut ticked, as I am charged for a FREE service!  GRRRR!!!  I can’t even change the settings like I can here!  ARGH!  ARGH!

But on a good note…I bought yarn yesterday.  And am anxiously awaiting it’s arrival.  It’s for the secret project I’m designing.  I’m excited. 😀  I’ll figure out this whole blogging thing eventually.



1. sabrah1033 - October 5, 2006

Ha Ha Ha You can’t get away from all things wordpressy!!!! It has you in its clutches! AND YOU PAID TO BE THERE!!!!

Sorry just giving you a hard time. You know I love ya!


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