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Love naps October 6, 2006

Posted by cozystitches in Cozy Ramblings.

I love naps.  Today I actually took a little nap myself.  The boy decided to start hollering, and I figured the girls would wake up soon.  So, I picked up the boy, and lay down and nursed him.  Next thing I know it’s 30min later and the girls have woken up (as Bubba was hollering for me to get her up).  I feel pretty good, yeah, I could TOTALLY sleep longer, but it was refreshing.

The other good thing that happened today:  I took my supersecrect project off the needles to do a dry block.  It looks WONDERFUL!  Even if I do say so myself.  Because it’s  been all bunched up on the needles, I wasn’t sure when I should start the change I’m planning.  I wanted it to be a specific (or rough) length.  So, I popped it onto some crochet cotton, trucked into the bedroom and lay it all out.  It looks GREAT!!!  I’m so excited.  I took pics, but of course I won’t be posting.  Let’s just say it’s looking like I imagined (go figure!).  I’m still waiting (to clarify, I only ordered it on Tuesday) on some yarn to start the other design… 😀



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