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One Hundred and Ten minutes October 11, 2006

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That’s how long it took to wind ONE hank of Schaefer Anne yarn.  I am very angry.  I purchased this yarn last week after much deliberation.  I’m designing a project and want to use a different yarn.  I’d read some good things, the pictuers looked good, and it’s a handpainted w/a lot of yardage.  I anxiously awaited it’s arrival!  Today it arrived!!!  I open it and it actually looks like it looked on my monitor (shock again!).  I open the hank, pop it onto the swift…and we have problems.

It took me literally almost 2 hours to wind this from teh hank into the pretty yarn hank.  It was so tangled, I was amazed!  I have *never* seen a more tangled yarn from a hank (yeah, I’ve had doozies from just piling on the floor, but lets not talk about htat!).  I was so mad that I emailed the seller.  Now I realize that it’s not her fault.  It’s the companies fault.  I’m thinking of emailing the company so that they are aware.  I’m also planning on posting on a few groups.  If I just got a fluke skein, no worries, however, if there are others who had the same problem, I’m not going to recommend this yarn to ANYONE!  Let alone design something using it….grrr

Of course since it took so long the kids are awake from nap, so I won’t get to play much w/it….sigh.



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