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Excited!!! October 24, 2006

Posted by cozystitches in WIPs.

Well, we have a very good friend of ours who is constanly (it seems to me) watching our girls.  Now I’ve offered to pay her, she says no.  I try to watch her dd, but she has a ton of family, so it’s not usually necessary.  Well, today I got her measurments (all the ones I could think of and do w/o a measuring tape) to make her a super secrect item.

I’m so excited!!! 😀 😀  I had an idea, and I asked her.  Saying I’d rather pay her, but since she always says no, I’d make her something.  Now, I don’t knit for just anyone anymore.  I’m quite specific.  So, I asked her if there was something specific she wouldn’t want.  Other than leg warmers (which she said she’d rather not have), I’m good to go!  I already have an idea, so now I just get to start!  WOOT!!!

Not that I need another project…but…here’s my current list:

1.  Project for D (super great friend described above)

2.  Raglan for Drama Queen – Almost done w/sleeves.
3.  Hat for Sis #1 – Need to re-swatch, shine didn’t have enough yards!  ARGH!
4.  Mia’s Poncho (was a sweater, but the yarn wasn’t working right, but a different yarn is playing nicly now)

5.  Socks for SFS – WOOT!!!  Almost done w/the increases then will finnish the blasted things!!!  I’m SOOOOO ready to be done!

6.  The super secrect project that I’m designing.  Am taking a break (very dangerous for me) but I ahve Christmas coming up!!!  YIKES!

7.  Bunny baby toy – This is for a baby shower I was invited to, but am not sure if I’ll go.  Need to sew up the top, stuff, and weave in ends.

8.  The black cardigan that is about to become a frogged project.

I have others, but I need ot tend to dinner…

Oh, and some day I’ll get pictures back on here.



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