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Knitting comics October 29, 2006

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Ok, you need to go here to read her comics.  They are hilarious!!!  On the knitting note, I have a new project (wow shocking, I know!)…but I’m almost done with another!

I started my sister #3’s Christmas present, its a micro version of my secret project.  I swatched for it yesterday, and am using US3s!  YIKES!  But it looks great!  I just hope she likes it. 😀

I am almost (thank GOD) finished with the BBS.  I have the heel of sock #2 to do then a few rounds of cuff, and I mail them off.  They’ll be finished by Barbara and her sock machine…I wish I had one of those.  I wonder if dh would let me have one for Christmas?  ROTFLOL!  Since they are in the $200-$600 range, I highly doubt it.

I got my yarn from Becky from the HandPainted Magic ball swap.  It rocks!  I think it’s sock yarn, and it’s lavenders.  I love it. 😀

I’m still working on the large version of the secret project, and have it written out farther than I’ve knitted.  Also still progressing on (since I’m keeping a WIP progress sheet, maybe I can tell how long things take me):  Mia’s Poncho (trading for some sewn skirts for MEMEMEME), Coronet for Sis #1, Raglan for DD1, also in teh que:  Mini Secret Project for my friend, Trekking Socks for me (started but the bbs are on the needles), Sonnet for me (on the back burner, but its getting chilly so I am wanting it done now)…I need to also make shrugs for the girls.  They have some cute summer dresses that they can still wear, but need something over their arms/shoulders.



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