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Extreme Knitting November 12, 2006

Posted by cozystitches in Cozy Ramblings.

After the Challenge from the earlier post, I felt it my Knitting duty to participate in some EXTREME KNITTING! I have pictures.


First up: The bystanders waited with baited breath as Trailblazing Tammy and Blitzing Viva, barreled down the ever dangerous synthetic ramp. Bystanders were enthusiastic when both adventurous knitters tied and neither dropped a stitch.


Here we again see Tammy, feverishly working on the cabled ear warmer while climbing the precarious metal trestle.


Here is an example of an Extreme Knitter being deprived of her basic necessity: Knitting. Notice, no yarn in hand, nor close enough to smell. Don’t fret, dear reader, the situation was rectified immediately when yarn was again placed into Taco’s hands. Don’t mess with Knitters, we have 2 VERY Pointy sticks, YOU have TWO eyes. You do the math.



1. Melissa - November 14, 2006

That is really funny! Way to KIP!

(mhurst from ww)

2. T. - April 25, 2007

LOL! I just joined the Christian Knitters webring and came across your site.. LOL to your extreme knitting! That looks like so much fun! 🙂

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