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Running out of time December 14, 2006

Posted by cozystitches in Cozy Ramblings.

I am seriously running out of time!!! Ok, now remember Christmas comes on the SAME EXACT DAY EVERY YEAR! It doesn’t change. So, why do I always find that I’m panicing in December??? Sigh. Ok, here are some progress reports with pics:

First up, the first item DUE. Jamie’s Scarf. It’s due December 22, as Jamie has a dance and has requested to wear it. Me being the ever loving sister said sure. I can bump my Christmas panic knitting up by 3 days…sure. Ok, not that bad, but I’m almost done. All I have left is the grafting of 11 stitches, weaving, washing and blocking. It’s almost done see:

Jamie's Scarf

Next I have Shauna’s socks. Ugh. Ok, I love socks. I love making them. I love my sister. My sister requested KNEE SOCKS! So I have to go up to 14-15″ (depends on teh yarn) . Thankfully she has freakish small feet (she’s short too) so that part didn’t take too long. But then me (genious that I am) added cables so they are taking a little longer than just plain stockinette. The cuffs are 8″ from the bottom of the heel (aka floor) to the top…so only 6-7″ more. Ugh.

Shauna's Socks

I do have a FO!!! I finished DQ’s Raglan. Here’s the pic. Once she opens it on Christmas, I’ll get some working shots. 😀 Specs: Basic Raglan based loosley on this pattern, used LTK’s Custom Dyed Kona yarn and Inox US 6.

Morgan's Raglan

And I realize that htis has Nothing to do with knitting, but my kids are the cutest. 😀 Here’s a couple of pics:

Funny Faces

Zeke and Tree Girls and Tree

Oh, and I’m such a bad swapper, but here’s my Magic Ball Pic…I have another one, but am needing to knit… 😀

Magic Ball Swap



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