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Destash! December 26, 2006

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Edited: 12/28/06 I’ve updated this. 🙂 I went to JoAnns and got some other stuff instead.

I am pinching pennies to purchase a Sock Machine, so I’m clearing out some stash! 🙂 All items are from a Smoke and Pet FREE home. Prices are listed and do NOT include shipping. Funded PayPal only! Have questions? Just ask!

Sock Yarns: I love sock yarns, I just don’t care for cotton blends. Take
all for $13 or prices listed individually.
Sock Yarns
1. 1 skein Regia Cotton Surf Color (denim blues) 100g 41% Wool, 34%
Cotton, 25%Polyamide $8 (retail $15.50)
2. 1 Skein Regia plus Cotton in Ecru (some was wound to look at it but
most is in the skein, uncut) 50g, 25% Polyamide, 37% Cotton, 38%Wool – $4
(retail $8.50)
3. 1 skein Regia Funny Steps Color 5425 (variegated cream and grey
w/red/blues/greens mixed in) 50g, 41% Wool, 34% Cotton, 25% Polyamide, – $4
(retail $8.50)

Novelty Yarns: My family, bless their pointy heads, got me novelty yarns
this year. I’m not a fan.

1. Moda Dea Fur Ever (6 skeins) 68% Polyester 32% Nylon Eyelash type yarn
with a ladder type yarn. Take all for $15 or $3 each skein (retail $4.96)

Moda Dea Fur Ever Yarns
a. PinkSuasion (nice pink w/bits of color)

b. Black Gem (black with bits of color)

c. Limeade (lime green w/bits of color)

d. Red Hot (bright Red w/bits of color)

e. Blue Heaven (Blue w/bits of color)

f. Aquamarine (aqua w/bits of color)

2. Lion Brand Fun Fur (5 skeins) – 100% Polyester – Eyelash
type yarn. Take all for $5 or $1.50 each skein (retail $3.29)
LB Fun Fur
a. Tangerine

b. Sapphire

c. Red

d. Champagne

e. White (but missing ball band).

3.Bernat Boa (4 skeins) – 100% Polyester. Feathery type yarn.
Take all for $8 or $2.50 each skein (retail $4.49)
Bernat Boa
a. Parrot – beautiful deep purples

b. Cardinal – Deep reds

c. Dove – White

d. Tweedy Bird – Yellow/oranges

4. Patons Twister Chenille with feather yarn – 65% Polyester
35% Acrylic. Take both for $5 or $3 each skein (retail $4.99)
Patons Twister
a. Raspberry Twist

b. Grape Nuts

Addi Needles: I don’t care for Addis. I like my Inox and KnitPicks much
better. 🙂 Prices listed.
Addi Turbo
1. US 5 12″ – $13

2. US 7 12″ – $13

3. US 9 16″ – $12 (I can’t find the plastic sleeve it came in)

Grab “bag” of soaps. Here are some soaps that I made. They are all scented with either Orange or Honey Almond scent. There is 12oz of soap. It’s a mixture of Shea Butter, Honey, and basic soap. Very nice, I just don’t have a use for it and want a CSM really bad. 🙂 Price for all is $6 (that’s $0.50 an ounce!).

Soap grab bag

A ny questions? Email! 🙂



1. Monica B. - November 15, 2009

Do you still have any of these yarns after all these years? Like the pinksausion, limeade and black gem?? I bought some and apparently not enough! I will buy them if you do!

2. Tammy - November 15, 2009

Hey Monica,

They are long gone. 😦 Sorry!


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