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New Year and an FO! January 1, 2007

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Well, 2007 is off onto a GREAT start!  First, Jamie’s Christmas Scarf.  This was finished 12/15/06, a full 10 days EARLY!  Here’s the only picture I have of it, just blocking:

Jamie's Scarf


Yarn:  Zephyr in Admiral

Needles:  Knitpicks US3

Pattern:  Mountain Streams Scarf.  Well written.  Was great.

Time:  11/9/06 – 12/15/06

Changes:  I didn’t get the gauge the designer did (she specified US5) and so I did more repeats.  I did 30 rather than the 14 specified.

Now for the FO!!!!  Today,I wove in the ends (and did the reverse sc, or crab st, around the entire thing) on my SONNET!  It’s finally finished!  Here are the pictures:

Tammy's Sonnet


Front view


Yarn:  LTK custom dyed Kona

Needles:  Inox 7

Pattern:  Sonnet from Knitty.com

Notes:  I liked the pattern.  It was straight forward.  I liked it.  It is my first sweater for ME!

Changes:  I did Moss stitch rather than garter.  I excluded the box stitch.   Did 9 button holes rather than 5.  Did crab st around rather than slipstitch.

Other news:  I’m teaching my 4 1/2 yo how to knit!  She got a knitting kit for Christmas, and here are some pics of us knitting.  Note:  this isn’t how we really sit when she knits, usually she’s sitting on my lap so I can help her, but she’s doing much much better! 🙂

DQ Knitting




Knitting Group

Now for my resolutions:

1.  After reading a few blogs, I’ve decided that I don’t knit enough.  Therefore, I wish to have as many socks knitted (for ME of course) as Wendy.  Oh, and I’ll also want to knit as much lace as she does.

2.  After looking at Trek’s reading list, I’ve decided that I need to read more.  And she also knits more than I do.

3.  And looking at how darn cute PinkLemon looks, I seriously need to diet.  She has a kid too…been married longer than I…designs beautiful knits…and spins.  I think I hate her…seriously.

4.  I am going to own a sock knitting machine (CSM).

After stating those 4 simple resolutions, I have come to conclude that I will have to:

  • knit rather than eat for 2 meals a day
  • knit for 20 hours a day
  • clean/cook/take care of kids/etc 8 hours a day
  • read for 4 hours a day
  • sleep for 8 hours a day
  • Work more hours in order to afford the CSM
  • Learn how to make things on the CSM
  • Market said products made from CSM

Looking at this list, I will need 50+ hours each day to accomplish this….I’m tired.

Happy New Year’s to you ALL!