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Update…not much February 19, 2007

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Well, not much I can write about.  I’ve finished (you read that right, Viv) the secret project!  WOOHOO!!!  I am quite relieved that it’s DONE!  I need to do some tweaking on the pattern, knit it again (at least once) and then take more pictures, and then submit it!  Yikes!!!  I have until June to do all this, but it’s still scary.  Especially since it took me a month to knit the entire thing!

In other news, I’m participating in the Sock-A-Month-KnitAlong-3.  I’m REALLY hoping I can actually knit a pair of socks a month.  With the monster project done, I’m consentrating on my socks!  Hopefully, I can finish this month’s socks.  I’m almost done with teh gusset increases.  I’ll do a medium length cuff (rather than the super short ones I normally do) and I have less than 10 days to do it!  I’d better get cracking!!!

I have also signed up for The LoopyEwe’s Tell a Friend program.  I’ve never ordered from them, but have heard good things…if you are ordering, click on my link…I can get the referral.. 😀  I love yarn.

Speaking of yarn, I dyed up some sock yarn in a colorway that’s still in my head.  I’m wanting a grey.  Like the grey of a morning fog, with blue and pinks, but mostly pastel grey….I got some pretty sock yarn, but not the color I was wanting.  Once I finish the current socks (Trekking XXL #109 from my knit-sock-kit-swap) I’ll cast on with this yarn.  I just hope I have enough yarn…lol..I need to get a line counter to get accurate yardage.  😀  I’ll probably wait till we go to Cabella’s again. 😀



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