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Crazy or? April 11, 2007

Posted by cozystitches in Uncategorized.

I’m wondering if I’m a little obsessed w/knitting, specifically knitting socks.  Tell me what you think, here are my symptoms:

1.  The only active knitting project I have right now is a pair of socks

2.  Most of the yarn in site (that I can see from my laptop) is sock yarn

3.  When looking for yarns (like on Destash for Cash or KnitSwap) I look for sock yarn.

4.  I’ve placed an order for 3lbs of sock yarn (undyed so I can play)

5.  The last several dyeing jobs I’ve done have been sock yarn.

6.  Yesterday, I left my knitting bag at home when we went to the park.  I spent quite a lot of time fretting as I didn’t have my knitting.

7.  When I go to work, I bring my knitting, even though there is NO chance that I’ll have time to work on it.  It just sits in a locker (I can’t even pet it) the entire time.

Is this a problem??  No, I don’t think so… I can quit any time…LOL 😀



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