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Which Shawl May 22, 2007

Posted by cozystitches in Uncategorized.

Well, I’m going to do another shawl (after I finish a few other projects, shawl, socks, etc) but am torn.  I have 4 balls of Kidsilk Night in a very pretty light grey color, but am not sure which shawl to do.  I already have this shawl, so I wouldn’t have to buy another one.  Or I’m thinking of doing this one.  Here are the Pros/Cons:

Spring Things:

Pros:  I already have the pattern, don’t have to spend money on that.  I will make it larger than the pattern by doing more repeats.  I will put beads on it and make it more sparkly

Cons:  I have to buy beads.  Not sure I’m totally in love with it.

Wing of the Moth:

Pros:  Love that wispy boarder!

Cons:  I’ll have to buy the pattern.  No beads.  It’s HUGE and will use up most of what I’ve got (I wanted to save a ball to make something else)…

So, which would you do???





1. Jessica - May 22, 2007

I vote for Wing of the Moth. You sound way more excited about it. 🙂

2. anne - May 22, 2007

i might be biased, but i vote for the moth too! it’s a really fun knit with maybe more entertainment value. if you knt it with a needle one size smallerthan the recommended, it will turn out smaller and save you some yarn . . .

3. sabrah1033 - May 25, 2007

I have seen the pretty yarn you have and I think that Wing of the Moth is what you should work on. I also know that while you like Spring Things you really are more excited about W.O.T.M.


4. Askar - July 5, 2007

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