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Ketchup July 19, 2007

Posted by cozystitches in Cozy Ramblings.

Let’s play some Ketchup!!! 😀

First up are my SockaPalooza 4 socks! WOOT!!! They were my albatros, as I had a strict deadline. They are finished. But there isn’t a picture. Frankly, I’m a bit lazy. But they are done. ;D

The specs: Kona DK dyed by Theresa of LTK. Its a custom colorway that I call an adult rainbow. 😀 I like them, and am quite proud at how they turned out.. I used size 3 needles.

Second up I have finished my secret project. I was debating on what to do iwth her, to self-publish the pattern or to submit it online somewhere. I’ve decided to self-publish. Hopefully others will be interested. 🙂 Here’s a picture:

Did you want a larger pic? 😛 Oh, here you go:

More than that? Ok, I’ll stop teasing… 😛 Here she is in her full glory:

And here’s what I had leftover from a 600 yd skein of yarn:

YIKES!!! I was sweating it a bit at the end… 😀

The pattern is almost done. It’s all charted, and almost all written out as well. It’s a great pattern (even if I say so myself) and takes 1 skein of yarn. 😀

I have to do it in the second yarn to make sure it’ll work, and finish writing it up. Hopefully it’ll be out soon. 🙂 I’d put a deadline on it, but yeah, that doesn’t work so well for me… 😀



1. LeAnn - July 19, 2007

ahhh ohhhh *droool*…. I WANT that pattern… when will it be ready? *begs shamelessly*

2. Kitt - July 20, 2007

I really NEED this pattern, really I do!!!!!
Can’t you stay up 24/7 until it’s ready to be released?????????
Gorgeous design Tammy!

3. Paula - July 20, 2007

Wow, I love it.. I would love to get the pattern and have my mom knit this for me!!!

4. Vicki - July 21, 2007

Post a comment on my blog when the pattern comes out. I’ll add it to my list of Triangle Shawl patterns. It will help drive traffic your way to buy the pattern. Thanks!


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