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Once upon a blog August 20, 2007

Posted by cozystitches in Cozy Ramblings, WIPs.

Ok…so once upon a time in blog land, I read this blog (no I didn’t save the link).  This knitter (who also quilted) had a cool quilt she was working on.  She started with a boring 9patch block, then she sliced it in half, turned the blocks around some and sewed them together again.  Way cool effect, for simple sewing.

Now, I am not a seamstress.  I can’t cut straight (or sew straight) for anything.  I have tried.  Yes, I have one of those cool rulers and such.  So anyway, I figured I could try it.   Here’s my attempt:

Here’s the boring 9 patch.  I had bought 50 squares of all different patterns from eBay.  I machine stitched them together as they came across.  I didn’t try to match or anything.

Boring 9 Patch

Boring…but that’s all I thought this knitter could do.

Tried that one blogger’s cool trick:

Cool 9 Patch

Voila!  I am a quilt master!  Rotflol.  Not really…but they look cool! 😀   I have now sewn 4 of these squares together for a 20×20 quilt block.

My dad has been asking me for a quilt for years.  Several years in fact.  I love my dad.  He’s the only one that I would willingly make socks for (and Dad’s feet are HUGE, like a size 13 WIDE)…so of course I have said I would…but have been dragging my feet for a while.

I remember seeing somewhere (again amidst the pregnancy/early motherhood/sleep deprived etc state I’ve been in the past years, its amazing I remember my name) that you could do a quilt in small pieces.  Not just the quilt blocks, but the block/batting/backing!  So, I posted on a forum how I could do this.  I got some cool links.  Here is one and another.  So that is my plan.  Wish me luck! 😀



1. Jessica - August 21, 2007

It’s totally awesome! Love it! And seeing that I also can not sew, I am very impressed. 🙂

2. lella - September 19, 2007

That is very, very clever. It really looks great.

I’m a quilter and also knitter. I used to own a seamstressing business but the stress part got the best of me. So now I just knit and do a little sewing, from time to time.

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