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Help a knitter out! January 8, 2008

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Well, I could say how buys I’ve been and all that, but blah.  I say I refuse to feel guilty that I’m not a great blogger. 😀  So, that being said…here’s my dilemma:

I’ve posted this a few places and want some honest opinions…here’s a bit of background: I started a sweater for myself using Sock yarn and 2.75mm getting 7.5spi (yes I know some people knit socks at this gauge). Now, as I am a size 18w, I figured this would take some 3+ years to complete, which was fine, as I am in school and need extra-boring-able-to-read knitting. Plus I’ve always wanted one. I also live in the desert and thick sweaters aren’t needed much (they make lovely coats though).
So, I started the “Never Ending Sweater” on Oct 18 (or there about). Here it is today:

 (sorry for the grumpy face)

and here

NES Side

Now if this was your sweater, which of the following would  you do:

A. Continue knitting, make it the best sweatshirt/sweater throw around in the world.  It’s sock yarn!  Love how socks feel, imagine a sweatshirt/sweater!

B.  Make it 3/4 sleeves.  Sock yarn is fun and all, but 3/4 sleeves will suffice, you always run hot anyway.

C.  Stop knitting NOW!!!  You live in the DESERT and you are always HOT how many sweaters should you have?  Seriously, quit while you are ahead.

I’m itching to start a new cardigan (top down, v-neck, set in sleeve) using absolutely beautifully dyed just for me yarn again in fingering weight from http://www.littleturtleknits.com set off w/black. And school starts in a mere 14days, so if I’m going to start something new, I need to hurry… 😀

Please help me in my dilemma!  Shout out in the comments. 😀 😀



1. Gina - January 9, 2008

Hi, I don’t know you (I found your blog through the WordPress tag surfer), so I’m not sure how much my opinion is worth, lol. Anyway, if it was *me* – I would leave the sleeves short and start a new project. Of course, I’d do that with the mindset that I can always undo the bind off row at a later date to make the sleeves the length I had originally planned in the beginning. IMO, I think you’d get more use out of a short sleeved garment since you live in the desert and all (but what do I know? It’s snowing where I live right now, haha. I have no clue what deserts are like, so…). Anyway, it’ll be easier to make the sleeves longer than it will be to make them shorter, so bind off now and you can always go back and change them at a later time. That’s the opinion of someone who knows absolutely nothing about you, and who has never lived in or near a desert – for what it’s worth. By the way, I love the sweater. 🙂 It’s colorific without being too “loud” or bright, and you are obviously a very skilled knitter!

2. Jeanne - March 6, 2008

Even though you live in the desert, you must go into places that are air conditioned. I live in the south and everywhere I go in the summer the “inside” is COLD. I think the sweater would be nice if you are going to be in air conditioning since I don’t think the forearms get cold like the upper arms and across the back. It would also be nice in the evenings when the sun goes down. So leave the sleeves short and enjoy the sweater NOW. Start something new and enjoy making that NOW. The most important thing is that you are doing what you like to do. Enjoy!

3. Bernadine - May 15, 2008

Hi tammy!
I think the sweater looks great with the sleeves at their current length…and if you are cold you could throw on one of your great shawls! I’d finish off the sleeves where they are since you are a warm blooded desert dweller and move on to another project that you have been itching to try.
I love your work…especially those gorgeous shawls you design. I can’t wait to see more..and maybe I wil even get ambitous enough to try one of your designs some day 🙂
God bless you!

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