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Happy Birthday! And Sock Stash March 6, 2008

Posted by cozystitches in Cozy Ramblings.
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Hey All,

Well, I haven’t blogged in a while (big shocker) and I’m totally going to play the “I’m too busy” card.  But today’s my birthday so I figured I’d blog!  😀

First of all, for my Birthday dh bought me (actually I ordered but HE paid!) for a skein of Schaefer Anne (#103 pretty berry color w/browns/greens too reminds me of like a rose bush or something) a skein of Trekking XXL in 100 (the rainbow color), and 1 16″ and 1 24″ US 00 Hiya Hiya Circular needle. 🙂  Good birthday stash I say!

Second of all, my family has been calling me since 7:30am this morning.  All wishing me a happy birthday and giving me a piece of trivia of things that happened today (30 years or more ago).  It’s been a RIOT!!! 😀 😀  I laugh each time they call.  It’s been really funny. 😀

BTW, today is my 30th (YIKES) birthday!  And apparently today was a VERY cold day in many parts of the US on the day of my birth.  Which I find is hilarous, as I’m going with the Sun had to shine on me, I was born in Germany so the sun being on the other part of the world would make sense for places here being cold cold cold!  It snowed in Florida and NY had the coldest day today minus 30 years.  😀  See, the sun was shining on me in Germany for my birth.  Yeah, I’m full of myself right now but, HEY It’s MY BIRTHDAY!

And now for sock stash.  I love fingering weight yarns.  I love sock yarn.  Love colors. This does not always add up to a good thing, but yarn is cheaper than therapy or crack so I think I’m ok.  Here’s a link to my Sock Yarn Stash 

Now this is everything that is listed as sock yarn, however, not all of it will be used for socks.  Some will be for sweaters/shawls etc.  Oh, and not all of it is pictured.  I added up all that’s pictured and the stragglers that aren’t pictured and I think I have 79 skeins of yarn (that’s also breaking up my 3lb cone).  I have a lot of sock yarn.

But it doesn’t count as stash, right? 😀