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Vacationing & My Awesome Hubby May 26, 2009

Posted by cozystitches in Cozy Ramblings.
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Being on vacation is fun.  Even more fun is being in San Diego on vacation.  And in a hotel w/two rooms, that is a living room and bedroom.  Then toss in an awesomly geeky husband and I can check my home email (using the kid’s laptop to connect to my home laptop) while miles away.  It’s totally awesome!

San Diego is beautiful.  It’s like 68 with a beautiful breeze.  The drive was great, I got a lot of knitting done.  Like I may be done w/a pair of socks by the time I head home.  I’m also plugging along on my mom’s new shawl (she asked so sweetly that I’m making one).  It’s swallowtail using black Zephyr.

Today is Legoland which should be a BLAST!  Hubby rocks w/his geeky powers!  😀