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I’m 28, married for 8 years, mom to 3.


1. Sandy - January 17, 2007

Hi Tammy,

my name is Sandy and firstly I would like to apologize my english. I’d been studying it for nearly ten years but I know I’m not good at it as I would like it to be;-( I’ve found your blog while finding some more pictures of pinwheel sweater. I saw it once time and immediately know that I must it 😉 Now I’m working on sleeves.
You’re very skilfull and your girls too. How old are they? My niece is ten and doesn’t still want to try knitting at all. I admire your new year’s resolution, it must be complicated with three children to have some more time for other activity, than cooking, washing, ironing, etc.
But the main reason why I dare to write to you is your fifth resolution – knit rather than eat. I’ve been losing 22 kgs during last year and because someone help me, I feel that I should help to someone else. Leaving one, two or more meals is the worst way how to loose weight. I was trying eat very very small portions three times a day and drink lots and lots of tea for three months and I didn’t loose any kilo. I was very disappointed and my weight was more increasing. In the end my friend found some specialist and send me to him. But… I live in Czech republic so it’s will be a little bit complicated for you to visit him. His advices are simple: eat smaller portion every one and half hour, eat food with low glykemic index and also eat more fish, and try to spend one more hour than usually with some activity as walking, riding bicycle, dancing or cleaning house or something what you like. Glykemic indexes of common american food you can find here: http://www.mendosa.com/common_foods.htm and some motivating information you can find here: http://www.montignac.com/en/index.php.

Please, excuse my impertinence, but I’m sure, you will be succesfull as I was.

Best regards,

2. Susan - February 2, 2007


Thanks for checking out my projects. I’m glad it’s given you another knitting option.

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