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Quilty Update July 14, 2008

Posted by cozystitches in WIPs.
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Once upon a blog (like almost a year ago) I posted that I was making a quilt.  More specifically a quilt for my dad.  Well, I had decided at the beginning of the summer (aka after my classes ended) I would make him his quilt for this year Christmas.  At that time I didn’t have many of the squares done, I think I had one panel of 4 squares.  For anyone who reads this, a square is comprised of 4 slashed 9-patch squares sewn together.  To this new square I have done the traditional quilt sandwich (backing, batting, quilt top) and quilted.  Once I had enough of the squares (4 in a panel) I stitched them together.  First doing the quilt tops with a traditional 1/4″ seam, then I cut the batting way back, tucked one edge of the backing under the other, and folded the raw edge of the other backing piece on top.  Pinned it and then quilted over.

To date I have a total of 3 and 3/4 completed panels (that’s 4 squares in each panel), 2 more squares completely quilted and 3 squares finished waiting quilting.  On one square I will be writing all the fun stuff.  When I started, which was August of 2007, when I finished, who it’s for (daddy of course), my name, and maybe Merry Christmas.  We shall see.  I will be testing a fabric pen today in the wash to see how it holds up on a test square.

I will try to get pictures up of it, but I’d like to have most of it pieced before I do that.  It has been quite fun to do.  Fun as in it’s a lot of work, but it’s still good work.  Knitting is still way fun for me, it’s quieter as well.  I am getting very excited about it being done.  I am not looking forward to sewing/quilting the panels together.  All in all there will be 5 panels of 4 squares.  It should make the quilt 95x 76 roughly.  Hopefully that will be large enough for my parent’s bed.  If not, I may be quilting a fast wide border to widen it, as I’m just about out of squares.  😀