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Knitting comics October 29, 2006

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Ok, you need to go here to read her comics.  They are hilarious!!!  On the knitting note, I have a new project (wow shocking, I know!)…but I’m almost done with another!

I started my sister #3’s Christmas present, its a micro version of my secret project.  I swatched for it yesterday, and am using US3s!  YIKES!  But it looks great!  I just hope she likes it. 😀

I am almost (thank GOD) finished with the BBS.  I have the heel of sock #2 to do then a few rounds of cuff, and I mail them off.  They’ll be finished by Barbara and her sock machine…I wish I had one of those.  I wonder if dh would let me have one for Christmas?  ROTFLOL!  Since they are in the $200-$600 range, I highly doubt it.

I got my yarn from Becky from the HandPainted Magic ball swap.  It rocks!  I think it’s sock yarn, and it’s lavenders.  I love it. 😀

I’m still working on the large version of the secret project, and have it written out farther than I’ve knitted.  Also still progressing on (since I’m keeping a WIP progress sheet, maybe I can tell how long things take me):  Mia’s Poncho (trading for some sewn skirts for MEMEMEME), Coronet for Sis #1, Raglan for DD1, also in teh que:  Mini Secret Project for my friend, Trekking Socks for me (started but the bbs are on the needles), Sonnet for me (on the back burner, but its getting chilly so I am wanting it done now)…I need to also make shrugs for the girls.  They have some cute summer dresses that they can still wear, but need something over their arms/shoulders.

Look: Pictures! October 24, 2006

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I finally took the time to take pictures, edit them, then shove them up on my site to post here! FINALLY! Well…hopefully I’ll get pics up. We’re having technical difficulties.

FOS: Look! I actually FINISHED something!

First up, a cute Bunny Blanket Toy from Lion Brand. It was super easy. I finished the actual knitting in 6 days (ok, it really is way easy I get side tracked, I could probably get this finished in a day or two). The seaming (which took a whopping 5 minutes) was holding me up ’cause I (obviously) have issues with finishing things.

Renee's Baby Shower Gift

Next are a washcloth and facial scrubbie. The yarn is Bernat Cotton Tots and Knit Pick needles. 😀 Patterns: Granny’s Favorite and Dishcloth Duo.

Renee's Baby Shower Gift

We’re having too many issues and I’d like to knit some. I’ll try to post more later.

Excited!!! October 24, 2006

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Well, we have a very good friend of ours who is constanly (it seems to me) watching our girls.  Now I’ve offered to pay her, she says no.  I try to watch her dd, but she has a ton of family, so it’s not usually necessary.  Well, today I got her measurments (all the ones I could think of and do w/o a measuring tape) to make her a super secrect item.

I’m so excited!!! 😀 😀  I had an idea, and I asked her.  Saying I’d rather pay her, but since she always says no, I’d make her something.  Now, I don’t knit for just anyone anymore.  I’m quite specific.  So, I asked her if there was something specific she wouldn’t want.  Other than leg warmers (which she said she’d rather not have), I’m good to go!  I already have an idea, so now I just get to start!  WOOT!!!

Not that I need another project…but…here’s my current list:

1.  Project for D (super great friend described above)

2.  Raglan for Drama Queen – Almost done w/sleeves.
3.  Hat for Sis #1 – Need to re-swatch, shine didn’t have enough yards!  ARGH!
4.  Mia’s Poncho (was a sweater, but the yarn wasn’t working right, but a different yarn is playing nicly now)

5.  Socks for SFS – WOOT!!!  Almost done w/the increases then will finnish the blasted things!!!  I’m SOOOOO ready to be done!

6.  The super secrect project that I’m designing.  Am taking a break (very dangerous for me) but I ahve Christmas coming up!!!  YIKES!

7.  Bunny baby toy – This is for a baby shower I was invited to, but am not sure if I’ll go.  Need to sew up the top, stuff, and weave in ends.

8.  The black cardigan that is about to become a frogged project.

I have others, but I need ot tend to dinner…

Oh, and some day I’ll get pictures back on here.

One Hundred and Ten minutes October 11, 2006

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That’s how long it took to wind ONE hank of Schaefer Anne yarn.  I am very angry.  I purchased this yarn last week after much deliberation.  I’m designing a project and want to use a different yarn.  I’d read some good things, the pictuers looked good, and it’s a handpainted w/a lot of yardage.  I anxiously awaited it’s arrival!  Today it arrived!!!  I open it and it actually looks like it looked on my monitor (shock again!).  I open the hank, pop it onto the swift…and we have problems.

It took me literally almost 2 hours to wind this from teh hank into the pretty yarn hank.  It was so tangled, I was amazed!  I have *never* seen a more tangled yarn from a hank (yeah, I’ve had doozies from just piling on the floor, but lets not talk about htat!).  I was so mad that I emailed the seller.  Now I realize that it’s not her fault.  It’s the companies fault.  I’m thinking of emailing the company so that they are aware.  I’m also planning on posting on a few groups.  If I just got a fluke skein, no worries, however, if there are others who had the same problem, I’m not going to recommend this yarn to ANYONE!  Let alone design something using it….grrr

Of course since it took so long the kids are awake from nap, so I won’t get to play much w/it….sigh.

Love naps October 6, 2006

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I love naps.  Today I actually took a little nap myself.  The boy decided to start hollering, and I figured the girls would wake up soon.  So, I picked up the boy, and lay down and nursed him.  Next thing I know it’s 30min later and the girls have woken up (as Bubba was hollering for me to get her up).  I feel pretty good, yeah, I could TOTALLY sleep longer, but it was refreshing.

The other good thing that happened today:  I took my supersecrect project off the needles to do a dry block.  It looks WONDERFUL!  Even if I do say so myself.  Because it’s  been all bunched up on the needles, I wasn’t sure when I should start the change I’m planning.  I wanted it to be a specific (or rough) length.  So, I popped it onto some crochet cotton, trucked into the bedroom and lay it all out.  It looks GREAT!!!  I’m so excited.  I took pics, but of course I won’t be posting.  Let’s just say it’s looking like I imagined (go figure!).  I’m still waiting (to clarify, I only ordered it on Tuesday) on some yarn to start the other design… 😀

Angry October 4, 2006

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Ok, so I’m angry.  I went over to our hosting service as they now offer blogs.  So I signed up for it (got a WAY cool domain name) and paid for 6mos of their service (ok it’s only $13.50, but still that’s 2 pairs of KP needles AND yarn!), come to find out, it’s JUST WORD PRESS!!!  ARGH!  Now, I’m not knocking WP, I’m jsut ticked, as I am charged for a FREE service!  GRRRR!!!  I can’t even change the settings like I can here!  ARGH!  ARGH!

But on a good note…I bought yarn yesterday.  And am anxiously awaiting it’s arrival.  It’s for the secret project I’m designing.  I’m excited. 😀  I’ll figure out this whole blogging thing eventually.

Test October 4, 2006

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Testing posting w/a pic Just a button

What’s a Designer to do? October 2, 2006

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That’s right…what’s a DESIGNER to do?  I’m calling myself a designer now (note: all “real”designers, and people who know me irl, no snickering!)…so what should I ahve done today??

I could work on:  DD’s raglan (which hasn’t been touched since last post), Marilis (which I’m thinking of frogging – what would I DO with a lace weight shawl?), The Leisure BBS, the White BBS, or Mia’s Cardi.

Or I could start on any of these which NEED to be done:  Hat for sis #1 that needs to be done by Nov 19, Lace Scarf for DD#3…I know there are others but I can’t think right now…

Oh, I’ll be moving sometime soon…to a new blog not a new place to live.