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Moved, a Bullet Post July 10, 2009

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Since I’ve seen others do this (and an attempt to blog a bit more)  I’m bringing you Friday Bullet points!

  • We have MOVED!  We I have been wanting to move from our horrendous disgusting vile tiny apartment for the past oh 3 years.  Because of the awesome buyers market in the housing sector (sorry sellers), we were able to purchase a home.  We closed/got keys/moved this past weekend.  We packed up and moved 5 years worth of stuff from our 950 sqft apartment and unloaded it all into our 1265 sqft house.  Awesome.
  • We could not have moved w/o the generous help of several friends.  Big thanks go to Gary, Ann, Anson, Mike, Shauna, Andy, Fata and Dee.  Without your help there’s no way we could have moved in less than two days.
  • Fourth of July was very uneventful for us.  We were just too exhausted.  We watched a movie with our friend, we didn’t even watch the fireworks.  How’s that for exhausted.
  • We still have a few boxes left (like 6), I’m hoping to have them gone by next week.  I may just end up dumping the boxes on the floor, if nothing else to say I have no more boxes. 😀
  • The kids are loving the additional space.  The boy likes his own room, however he continually annoys his sisters.  They also love the large back yard
  • I’m loving the fact that I have my own washing machine.  Love it.  Yes, I do have to dry clothes on the line, but I have my own machine.  I can do a load and LEAVE it! 😀
  • The birds of the neighborhood love our yard too.  We have a bird feeder set up.  Those things eat a TON!
  • Dh and the kids are loving the birds too.
  • I like them, not really love, but they are neat to see.
  • On the knitting front, I’ve knit a lot during summer break.
  • Not so much during the move.
  • I’m hoping to have one shawl completed and at least 1/2 of my sister’s ‘ghan done before school starts
  • Sigh.  School starts in slightly over a month (slightly because I go back on the 11th of August, and today is the 10th).
  • I had to buy school books.  SO EXPENSIVE!  UGH!  Thankfully I have grants and scholarships, otherwise I’d not be in school.
  • I still have one more book to buy.  ugh.
  • I’m just hoping it’s around the $50 or less mark rather than the close to $100 mark…ugh.

Well, I think that’s all for right now….one of these days I’ll get back into blogging.  Maybe even with pictures…lol